I have owned and trained Spaniels for over 20 years.   I bought our first Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (Sian), she was bought for my Husband (Tony) to work as an all round dog as he enjoys going rough shooting. I then decided to get another one and so Amy (Ragnolds Pure Magic at Starshot).


 Since having these dogs in the household they never cease to amaze me. They are as happy whether they are out working in the field or just curled up at home. They love going to shows as they adore people. They have all done well in the show ring both here and in Europe.


They have represented the breed on many occasions at Game Fairs, Discover Dogs and at many other public events.


These dogs are totally dual purpose and as yet,there is not a split in the breed. They are loyal and loving family pets as well as working dogs or show dogs.


We breed our dogs for health and temperament and are always happy to discuss anything about this breed. Member of the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme since March 2005


All Hungarian wirehaired vizsla are Hip Scored, Eye tested and HUU tested.

All Cocker Spaniels  are Tested for PRA, FN & AMS.  Eye certificated and tested for glaucoma


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About Us.


About Us